Best Small Dog as A Pet

If you like small breeds of dogs, but you don’t know which one will suit your home best, you came to the right place. Small dogs can come with different personalities and needs. So you should know right from the start that not all small dog breeds are the same.

You might also want to take several aspects into account before you adopt a small breed puppy. We will talk about these aspects and the best ten small dog breeds you can adopt to have a happy life together!

Why should I consider a small dog as a pet?

If you want to get a dog, its size will be one of the most important things to consider. The size of your dog will depend greatly on your lifestyle, the space you live in, and your personality. Here are some of the most important reasons why you might want to adopt a small dog!

A) Easier to Handle

You will find it a lot easier to play with your dog and pick them up if needed, thanks to their small size. Traveling with a small dog is also easier than if you had a medium or large dog. These dogs are ideal for apartments and homes that don’t have access to a yard as they don’t need a lot of space either. And if you need to handle the grooming aspect, these small dogs are faster to groom and with much less hassle.

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Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

B) Cheaper Pet Products

Any dog you get will need certain pet products and accessories so you can take care of them properly. These products are cheaper when it comes to small dogs. Everything from their bowls to the food you purchase and the pee pads you might use when you potty train them will come at a better price than similar products intended for larger breeds. You will also notice that these products are easier to find, so you might not have to go to a particular pet store to get them. In terms of space, your small dog’s accessories will take less space in your home as well.

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Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

C) Fewer Behavior Problems

Regardless of your small dog’s temper, it will be a lot easier to deal with it, thanks to its size. Even if they get hyperactive and jump around the house, you will not be as bothered as a medium or large dog would do that. Also, it will take a lot more of your dog to get you frustrated so that they can get away with more things compared to a larger dog. Also, your dog jumping on your guests will be less annoying if they are small dogs.

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Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

D) Reduced Exercise Needs

Any dog needs a certain level of daily exercise to maintain a healthy body and overall good physical condition. If you have a hectic schedule and no time for those long dog walks, you will be glad to find out that small dogs require less exercise. They get tired faster, and they can even meet their exercise needs inside the house with a bit of tackle war play. Daily walks are still required, though, so regardless of the size of your dog, you should not skip those.

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Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

What to look for?

Before you choose one of those adorable small dog breeds, you should spend some time doing your research. There are several aspects to consider before you get a furry friend who will be your buddy for the rest of their lives.

A) Choose the breed wisely

Not only the size of the breed is essential when you decide which dog you can get as a pet. You should also consider the needs of each breed. For example, some dogs will shed more than others, while other dogs will bark louder. Such details can make the difference between a happy relationship with your dog or a stressful one. Your dog will spend over a decade, and they should be a great addition to your family.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

B) Consider the living arrangement you have

The size of your home will definitely determine the type of dog you need to get. For example, if you live in an apartment, you want to get a dog that can quickly adapt to city life. On the other hand, if you have a yard, you can go for a breed with more exercise. Also, if you plan to keep your dog inside your home, make sure you can offer them a safe space that is just theirs as well as an area for indoor potty training.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

C) Consider the schedule you have

Dogs require time and attention, similar to children. You will have to feed them, play with them and take them for their daily walks. Some dogs require more exercise than others, and this is a vital detail to consider. Will your dog stay home alone during the day, or can you spend more time with them? All these aspects will differ for each of us according to your schedule, and the free time you can offer them.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

D) Medical costs

Chances are that sooner or later, your dog will need medical care. But some breeds tend to be more resistant than others and less prone to develop health conditions. Regardless of the medical costs that your dog might need along with their life, you have to make sure you can cover them since they are puppies until they are adults. In severe health conditions, the medical bill can be quite challenging to cover, so it is essential to stay on top of such health issues before getting out of hand.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

Best Small Dogs as Pets

If you have your heart set on a small dog breed, here are ten that you might want to look at. Chances are that you will find your ideal puppy among these cute breeds!

1. Yorkshire Terrier

1 Yorkshire Terrier

The first small dog you might want to consider is the Yorkshire Terrier, more commonly known as the Yorkie.

  • Being terriers, these dogs don’t have the concept of fear. They will play all the time and try everything at least once. Training them is not a problem either because they are brilliant. Yorkies are very friendly and get along fast with other dogs and the humans that interact with them.
  • Grooming these dogs involves daily brushing as they have a long and soft coat. Make sure to keep the hair out of their eyes as well, so you protect their eyesight.
  • Yorkies are very protective of their humans, and they will love to follow you around the house because they don’t like to be alone.
  • These dogs need moderate exercises like daily walks and some playtime in the house. They are not highly active, but we can’t qualify them as lazy dogs either.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

2. Chihuahua

2 Chihuahua

Chihuahuas tend to be the moodiest yet some of the cutest small dogs you will find. These dogs know exactly what they want and are very stubborn and determined to get it.

  • If you want a dog with a defined personality, a Chihuahua might be just what you need. They are very loyal and protective dogs, and they tend to be very loving when they are around their human parents. But don’t expect this friendly behavior from everyone because they can have quite a moody personality.
  • The breed comes in a version with long hair and one with short hair. The long-haired dogs will need more grooming and brushing while the short-haired ones are lower maintenance. Either way, you will have to make sure your dog is clean and has proper hygiene because they can be prone to skin irritations.
  • These pups can be active, but they get tired relatively fast. If you take them on their daily walks and make sure they are entertained inside the house, they will get the exercise they need.
  • Chihuahuas come in a wide range of colors, and they can be very entertaining for everyone in your family. But keep in mind that they can also be quite loud, so if you want a silent dog, these are not from that category.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

3. Pomeranian

3 Pomeranian

Pomeranians are also very popular, and they come in a variety of colors. They look like little foxes, and they can steal your heart altogether.

  • You will notice that your little Pomeranian loves to play with other dogs as well as all the humans in your family. They are interested in everything that goes on around them, and they can be good watchdogs. However, training is vital to help your Pomeranian reach their full potential.
  • Grooming will be a daily job with these dogs because they tend to shed a lot. But if you invest in a good brush, it can even be a pleasure to groom their coat.
  • These dogs love toys and playtime. You will have to take them out on their daily walks and make sure they stay entertained inside the house. Have regular playing sessions and surprise them with different toys to keep their interest high.
  • This breed became famous when Queen Victoria got one in the United Kingdom. After that, the world discovered how cute and cheerful Pomeranians really are.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

4. Pug

4 Pug

Pugs are easy to love and take care of, making them ideal small dogs to have in your house.

  • These dogs are very loving and playful. They will love to cuddle with you as well as play tackle war. Plus, this breed is easy to get along with for both kids and grown-ups making them a great addition to any type of family.
  • Even if these dogs shed often, they don’t require much grooming because their coat is relatively short. But you will have to keep their face clean and their eyes because the wrinkles have made it easy to accumulate dust and dirt.
  • Pugs don’t need too much exercise, but daily walks are a must. You can take them out in the morning and in the evening, and they will be tired enough to spend the rest of the time in the house.
  • If you want a dog that you will find highly entertaining yet low maintenance, pugs might be for you. All your family will fall in love with this adorable puppy almost instantly.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

5. Shih Tzu

5 Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is an excellent dog to have around the house as they tend to be mostly apartment dogs. However, they are around for generations and are still very much loved thanks to their charming appearance.

  • These pups are so friendly and energetic that you will find it impossible to be sad around them. They can cheer anyone up by simply being their sweet selves. They can be ideal for families with young children because they are so playful and easy to entertain.
  • In terms of grooming, Shih Tzu is quite a needy dog. They have a long coat, and that is an essential part of their charm. But you will have to comb their coat daily to maintain it in perfect shape. You also want to keep the hair out of their eyes at all times because it can affect their eyesight.
  • If grooming is quite a complex task, you will not have to worry about the exercise aspect. All these dogs need is one daily walk and some indoor playtime, and they will be satisfied as they are not very active pups.
  • Shih Tzu were Chinese dogs that lived inside the castles and their royal owners, so they are some of the best apartment puppies.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

6. Dachshund

6 Dachshund

Dachshund is one of the most popular small dog breeds around the world, and don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to resist them as well.

  • These dogs are known for their fearless character. They have a high level of courage that makes them act like bigger dogs, even if they are relatively small. They are very protective of their human family as well and highly loyal dogs. Since they are half hound and half terrier, they also have an independent side.
  • Most of these dogs have a very short coat that requires little to no grooming. You will only have to make sure they stay clean, so you avoid skin irritations. But there are also Dachshund dogs with longer coats, and those might require trimming and extra grooming.
  • Daily walks are a must for these dogs and even several times a day. But you should keep the walks short and efficient because they are not made for intense exercise sessions. Of course, they love running around every now and then, but most of the time, they are happy just walking with you around the neighborhood.
  • These dogs also come in a bigger size, so if you change your mind and decide you might want a bigger dog, you can look at a bigger Dachshund.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

7. Boston terrier

7 Boston Terrier

Another small breed dog that you will love to have around is the Boston terrier. This dog is an American breed, and it looks just as friendly as it is.

  • These dogs have a high level of energy, and they are also very agile. So even if they need plenty of playtime and running around, they can still have their lazy days and enjoy laying around with their favorite humans. They might enjoy hanging out with all the members of your family, but ultimately, they are loyal to one owner.
  • Boston terriers might snore a lot during their sleep. They have flat noses and small nostrils, so you will have to get used to their cute snoring as they lie around the house enjoying their daily naps.
  • The grooming aspects for these dogs are limited. They have short fur that requires no cutting or grooming. However, an important thing you will have to pay attention to is cleaning their nostrils. You want to keep dirt and dust out of their nose so they can breathe comfortably.
  • In terms of exercise, all you have to do is make sure they get their daily walks and offer them enough playtime inside the house. These pups will play with everyone, and they are easy to entertain.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

8. Maltese

8 Maltese

Maltese pups are some of the most adorable dogs you will see. There are many reasons why you should consider getting one of these pouches if you are looking for a small dog!

  • They have a loving and energetic temperament, and they are a true joy to have around. These dogs are amiable, and they will play with everyone in your house and even outside of it. You shouldn’t have any problems training your Maltese either. They are loyal and obedient dogs.
  • As far as grooming goes, you will want to cut their coat every now and then to avoid grooming issues like knots. It is essential to clean their eyes often as well, so they don’t get tear stains. But, if you groom them daily, you shouldn’t have any long-term problems with these dogs.
  • The exercise level a Maltese need is moderate. If you take them out for their daily walks and entertain them by playing with them inside the house, they will be happy pups.
  • Maltese used to be the favorite dogs for aristocrats in the era of the Roman Empire. So, these cute dogs have a fascinating history as well.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

9. Poodle

9 Poodle

Poodles are some of the cutest small dogs you will see, and they can bring plenty of joy to your household from the first day you bring them home.

  • Poodles come in different sizes, so you will not find them only in the toy and miniature sizes but also in larger ones. However, the mini poodles are often called, tend to be ideal for people looking for a small dog.
  • These dogs are brilliant and easy to train, especially if you start training them early. They will learn exciting tricks fast and follow you everywhere you go. The difference between a toy poodle and a miniature poodle is that the miniature poodle is calmer. The toy poodle is better if you have a family with young kids because they tend to be more playful.
  • A great aspect about poodle is that they don’t shed and are hypoallergenic dogs. However, you will still have to brush their coat daily to avoid knots and keep them looking at their best.
  • These pups love long walks as well as swimming and running. If you get a toy poodle, exercise is essential as they are the most active version of these dogs. But if you get other poodles, some daily walks and indoor play should cover the exercise aspect.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

10. Bichon Frise

10 Bichon Frise

The last but not the least small dog you might love to have in your home is the Bichon Frise. The smile of these dogs is simply impossible to resist.

  • When it comes to temperament, these pups are very friendly as well as very joyful dogs. They love to play with their humans and entertain children. These dogs will be loved by everyone in your family, from young children to older adults, and they are very friendly with strangers.
  • Just like poodles, Bichon Frise is also a hypoallergenic breed that rarely sheds. But you will have to make sure they don’t get tear stains or skin irritations and brush their coat daily.
  • They have a lot of energy, so you will have to make sure these pups get plenty of exercises. Daily walks, running around, and playing with different family members inside your home are essential aspects.
  • You will want to get one of these dogs if you have young children because they will have a blast together and become great play buddies.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

Regardless of the breed, you decide to get, it is essential to find one compatible with your lifestyle and family.

All the breeds in this guide will be perfect for some owners, and subjective preferences ultimately matter when choosing your dog.

Top 10 Best Small Dogs as A Pet 1

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